Everything You Need to Know About Nipple Clamps

Nipple clamping speaks of extraordinary arousal that takes you to the height of orgasm. Although these are a staple prop of BDSM acts yet nipple clamps can also be used for normal intimate sessions with your partner. It’s true that clamps can be initially hurtful when they first squeeze onto the sensitive nipples but the sensation is soon followed by a gust of invigorating pleasure that can’t be expressed in mere words. Are you too excited about nipple clamping and want to know more about it? Well, much to your pleasure, the post below sheds light on all the hot and sexy stuff that you should know about nipple clamping.

What is nipple clamping?

Nipple clamping refers to the intimate act of squeezing nipples with clamps that are especially designed for nipple pinching. While applied, these clamps tend to squeeze your nipples together which stops the blood circulation in the zone. On initial application, you will feel a hint of pinch and pressure. But, after a few seconds, that hurtful sensation vanishes leaving the area numb due to lack of blood flow. However, the real fun starts when the clamps are removed from the nipples. As soon as the clamps are removed, the blocked blood gushes straight to the nipples which instantly fills you with a strong bout of strong sensation.

Purpose of nipple clamps

As per the experts, nipple clamping serves two main purposes. First, the very act pinches or squeezes nipples to create a powerful sensation. This is to emphasize here that nipples are some of the most extreme erogenous zones of the body and can fill you with explosive sensations when teased. This is what nipple clamps do for you.

Another purpose of nipple clamps is to help with seamless hands-free nipple playing. Both men and women love a good dose of nipple play. Men crave to squeeze and play with soft nipples while women love to be teased. But it would be too much to ask your partner to keep his hands occupied to your bosom all through the night. He has loads of other more interesting things to do to light up the night for both of you. This is where nipple clamps come handy. They hold and squeeze the nipples when your partner is busy elsewhere in the game.

Get patch test

You must be all geared by now to get your first pair of nipple clamps. But wait, before you head on to buy a pair, make sure beforehand your skin will be comfortable with the squeeze. Experts always suggest to run patch test first on some less sensitive regions on the body, say earlobes. You can try your everyday clothespin here to take the test. If your earlobes are okay with the pinch, you may proceed to a pair of clamps for your boobs.

Getting the right nipple clamps

There is a wide variety of nipple clamps in the current market but not all would be suitable for you. For example, when you are a beginner, it’s better to start with tweezer clamps rather than the clover ones. Here is a brief on the major types of nipple camps so that you can choose the right one for you.

Tweezer clamps

As the name says, these clamps essentially represent a pair of tweezers only and are usually attached by chain. Most of these come with rubber tips as well as little metal rings near the arms for pressure adjustment. They are the simplest to use and hence the popular most option in the current market.

One of the best benefits of these clamps is certainly their easy customizability. As mentioned before, these clamps are especially designed with metallic rings to help with pressure adjustment. You can move these rings up & down as per your specific requirements to reach to the exact pressure. If you have never tried nipple clamping before, you should not go for a hard squeeze in your very first session. The wisest thing here is to start low and slow. Once you get acquainted with the squeezed feeling on your nipples, your body will be more accustomed to tolerate a harder squeeze. With Tweezer clamps, you can start with the lowest pressure to see how it actually feels. Once your tolerance level increases, you can gradually increase the pressure for a higher stimulation.

Another great aspect of Tweezer clamps is their elegant looks. Most of these clamps boast a sleek and suave feel which heighten their appeal big time. Besides, they are a breeze to clean. You will simply need to remove the rubber tips for a thorough clean-up of the clamps before and after every use.

Alligator Clamps

This is another great style of clamps which can be customized for pressure adjustment. But interestingly, this kind of clamp follows a different mechanism for pressure adjustment than that is followed by Tweezer Clamps. Unlike the metal rings mentioned above, the Alligator one comes with a tiny screw which you can turn to loosen or tighten the pinch as you fancy. Besides, the clamp pads here are usually bigger in comparison to the previous option. Most of the alligator clamps carry rubber tips and you will often find teeth under these tips to intensify your overall experience.

Clover clamps

These clamps carry a classy metallic body and come with a long chain. Now, clover clamps are certainly not for beginners and is mostly meant for the pros. It’s because the lowest pressure thrusted by the clamp is “moderate” and there is no place for a low pressure here. As a result, clover clamps should not be your first choice when you have not tried nipple clamps ever before.

Clamps with vibrator

If you want to make your clamp play even more special, go for Clamps with Vibrator. As the name says, these are clamps fitted with a vibrating motor. Thus, added to squeezing and pinching your nipples, the clamp will also entertain you with a stimulating buzz.

Interestingly, nipple clamps are not only for the nipples and they can be used to stimulate other parts of the body as well.

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