About OJ

OJ Carlson is halfway through his med school journey. He was 4th year during his premed course when he started writing in his journal that later on became ojmed.com.

Ojmed.com¬†is OJ’s outlet as he spent sleepless nights studying and reading thick books in med school. He prefers to write them down on a piece of paper, then typing them using his laptop, before finally publishing it on the website. This way, he could slow down his thought process and become calmer as he prepares for a series of midnight oil burning.

Today, this website is not just a blog for OJ’s med school journey, but it also serves as a source of useful information for students who are in med school. He also posts motivational articles as a way of giving back as he nears graduation. He plans to keep the blog even after he gets his license to continue giving guidance to hardworking med school students.

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