May 2019

What’s up with the sex culture at Copenhagen’s med school?

“We sat in there, topless. It was fun to look at everyone’s breasts, and you could see people’s dicks too. You weren’t allowed to comment on them if they were bent, but you’d know,” says an anonymous female medicine student to our reporter. She is talking about the Shaft (Skakten in Danish).

Until recently, the Shaft was a small room off the place where the Fredagsbaren (Friday drinks night) took place in the Panum complex, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen. The Shaft was closed off recently in connection with the construction of the new Maersk Building – Panum Tower. To enter the Shaft you had to be either topless or bottomless. It’s infamous – a reference understood by all students of medicine. Is there a unique sex culture at the University of Copenhagen’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences? And what do you find if you, …

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